Our Brands

We strive to stand out and so should you!

Hand in hand, we promise to find and deliver the most eclectic and unordinary styles in limited quantities to preserve your individuality. There are no rules, we are led by our hearts and a healthy dose of imagination in creating the pieces we choose to stock.

Milkshake Liquids

Milkshake Liquids has the most delectable milkshake flavors on the market! Each individual flavor is carefully mixed alongside a creamy vanilla bean flavor to create the most delicious juices that truly emulate each flavor profile.

Fresh Vapor

Fresh Vapor is dedicated to creating the most crisp, clean juices in the game. Each bottle is packed with amazing flavors making sure each vape is a fresh experience! So fresh you forgot it came out of a bottle! Damn, that’s fresh!

Cake Monster

Known for their delicious sweet flavors, Cake Monster has created the most decadent cake e-juices sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Each flavor has been carefully crafted to create a balanced experience of rich and creamy out of every vape! Watch your back, The Monsters are out to get you!


Jelly Liquids combines two distinct sweet and savory flavors atop a crunchy toast. Each individual flavor of jelly is perfectly mixed to capture the most delicious tones of fruit jelly, incorporated with the savory taste of butter, giving you a reason to be simply jelly. 


Interested in a homemade flavor concoction? Want to find out about producing a new piece of vaping hardware the world has never seen? You’re in luck. We can help! Contact us to find out how we can help product 

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